A tropical storm is moving in the wrong direction

Posted in Jun 2, 2023 at 11:38 p.m

Storm is acting strange. weather forecast.

Atypical storm

A tropical storm developed in the Gulf of Mexico. Arlene became the first to be named on the second day of the official start of the season. It is unique in that it follows a very atypical trajectory. In fact, it’s heading south, which is very unusual.

Tropical 1

low intensity

Arlene is unlikely to break a record with sustained winds of 65 km/h. It is moving south at 8 km/h. On Friday, the hurricane was west of the Florida coast. Abnormally warm waters from the Gulf of Mexico helped form the hurricane. However, too strong wind shear will prevent it from gaining momentum. According to NOAA forecasters, it shouldn’t gain intensity.

tropical 2

Gulf Storm

Typically, tropical cyclones originate near the Caribbean early in the season. Their course often leads them towards the American coasts, in a northerly direction. Arlen instead formed in the Gulf of Mexico and then made its way to the western tip of Cuba.

tropical 3

In collaboration with meteorologist Patrick Duplessis.

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