A totally wrong party at Laval High School

A party at Laval High School went so completely out on Thursday afternoon that 30 police officers had to step in to control a crowd of about 100 students who became violent.

Tear gas, smashed police cars, spit, twigs… Here’s a brief photo of a group of teenagers crumpled last Thursday, around 1 p.m., at Horizon Jeunesse High School in Laval.

We got a call to interfere with this party which was packed with 150 to 200 students. Our aim was to contain young people in the school yards for their own safety, to prevent them from colliding with a car, for example,” explains Lieutenant Genevieve Major, spokesperson for the Laval Police Department (SPL).

with big kicks

Several videos of the ceremony were posted on Instagram at the end of the day. In the sequence, we see troubled teens surrounding the patrol cars.

The students started throwing branches at our cars. Then the youths also kicked hard in the police cars. We made pleas for calm with our microphones, but they were not being listened to,” Ms Major says.

open an investigation

The latter claims that a police officer was also forced to use cayenne pepper as a “preventive gesture”.

A teenage girl was gassed and unharmed.

We are currently conducting an investigation into the abuse of police cars. There are no arrests at the moment, but they will come,” confirms a lieutenant in the SPLM.

The first lieutenant also noted that the SPLM agents returned to school on Friday to prevent the youth after this wrongly done party.

The school explains

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When contacted on this topic, the administration of Horizon Jones High School asserts that it has held “various activities during the last days to celebrate Intercultural Dialogue Week”.

“Some of the students ate inappropriately, resulting in an overflow that was observed yesterday. […] “Today the return is taking place with the students concerned in order to promote urbanization, civic responsibility and expected behavior in a democratic society,” says Annie Joyet of the Communications Department of the scolaire de Laval.

The latter also specifies that it is possible that people who do not attend this school in the Auteuil sector have participated in this event.

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