A sudden wave of resignation at Apple within the AI, Health and iCloud teams

in a the news Mark Gurman, published weekly in Bloomberg, says Apple employees working in health, artificial intelligence, and iCloud recently decided to leave the company. It’s basically engineers who make up this wave of departures, former defectors from other GAFAs like Amazon, Google, or Netflix. Mark Gorman mentioned several hypotheses such as the new hiring stage or the poor reception of the brand’s advertisement regarding remote work…

The departure of several engineers and experts from Apple

Among the tech giant’s expert figures, Emily Fox recently left the company to accept a teaching and research position at the University of Washington. Prior to that, she led a team focused on artificial intelligence in healthcare, one of the most popular applications of technology today. We also found Ruslan Mechenberg who left Apple to work at Google, has led a team working on cloud infrastructures (such as iCloud) and has also worked with Netflix in the past.

The hypotheses proposed by Mark Gorman to explain this wave of departures

Apple refuses to communicate about this wave of departure, leaving room for all speculation. Mark Gorman makes two hypotheses:

  • These resignations could simply be the cause-and-effect relationship that led to all the new recruits arriving by Apple.
  • It could reflect a lack of improvement on a particular work in progress or a disagreement after a brand that has refused to have its employees resort more and more to remote work.
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