A streaming service designed for dogs is coming to the UK

Dogs give us endless comfort and entertainment, so we gave them the same amount of time – this is what DOGTV should do.

The streaming service is specifically designed to support our dogs and reduce separation anxiety.

It’s time we gave ourselves the same fun that dogs give us. Credit: Alami

Just as Netflix offers genres such as drama, comedy and thriller, DOGTV offers a wide variety of dog shows.

“Trigger” shows featuring other dogs are designed to occupy them, while “exhibition” shows are aimed at accustoming dogs to car trips, and “relaxation” shows doing exactly what they say on the tin. .

The publication of the streaming service was staged based on the findings of more than 60 scientific studies.

Professor Nicholas Todman, Chief Scientist at DOGTV, says: “DOGTV is a great resource for dog owners to alleviate some of the behavioral problems that can arise when leaving dogs alone.

“As the number of dog owners increased during the outbreak and owners now return to work, DOGTV helps dogs feel relaxed and comfortable until their owners return home.”

The DOGTV website explains what it is, saying, “DOGTV is a 24/7 channel that has been scientifically created to give dogs good company when they are alone.

“The world’s foremost pet experts have spent years researching and developing specialized content that addresses the specific characteristics of dogs’ vision and hearing and supports their natural behavioral patterns.

“Conclusion: A confident and happy dog ​​who is less likely to develop depression, separation anxiety or other related problems.”

DOGTV will be available in the UK from Monday, November 8 on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

It is available online at DOGTV.com with a monthly subscription.

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