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Araminta Ross was born in the United States in 1822, into a family of slaves, and she does not know what freedom is.

One day she saw three of her sisters being sold! She promised to go to the north of the country, where slavery is prohibited. As an adult, she changed her first name to Harriet in honor of her mother. You manage to escape, and then you help others find that freedom that they are entitled to too!

From small to large, the group aims to introduce young readers to the lives of the courageous and inspiring women who have distinguished their time. After Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, Ella Fitzgerald, and Rosa Parks – to name a few – it’s the turn of the legendary and inescapable Harriet Tubman to see her story told.

Explaining slavery to children

Slavery is certainly not an explicit topic of discussion with children, but it is nonetheless necessary; We have to talk about that. And so the true story of Harriet Tubman (she married John Tubman in 1844) turns out to be a good way to talk about slavery and the history of African Americans and blacks, as well as about freedom and hope.

The young reader begins to get to know little Harriet during her childhood, allowing him to fully understand everything she lived through, and the actions she took that drove her to transform into this brave and inspiring woman. When Harry, as an adult, manages to escape to the northern United States, this new freedom makes her stronger: She then dedicates her life to returning to find her brothers and sisters and all the other slaves who need his help.

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Kudos to the author for this subtle, poignant, and powerful image of this woman who continues to inspire African Americans in their struggle for equality and human rights.

As a bonus: The illustrations on this album are cool and super fluid. To enter the family library.

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