A space that will bear his name in the social center of Cote St.

It is a nice greeting that will pay, on Monday at the end of the morning, the city of Bar-le-Duc to Arthur Andriamihariswa with the opening (in a small committee for health reasons) “Arthur Square”, in the social center of Saint Catherine Coast.

Nobody can forget Arthur Andriamihariswa. Nor is this smile that he wore in all circumstances, which testifies to the true sympathy of this elected official, a city councilor from 2005 to 2008 and then from 2014 to December 2018, until his sudden death at the age of 68. After a heart operation to change the valve, he had a heart attack that plunged him into a coma, the result of which was fatal

He was elected, until he was assigned to a delegation: he was responsible for monitoring the living environment of the residents.

Arthur Andriamihariswa also founded Cultures et Voyages Meuse-Madagascar to create a bridge between Bar-le-Duc and his native island of Madagascar.

Saint Catherine’s coast was the Arthurian region, where it was known to all and served as the first starting point. So it makes perfect sense that this “Espace Arthur” would be a meeting place between the elected officials of the city and the residents of the district where we could discuss all the topics: business, the new nursing home, etc.

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