A Series Filmed in La Seyne Coming Soon to Netflix?

Updated on 10/06/2021 at 08:01

Posted on 10/6/2021 7:50 AM

Final tuning during rehearsals before takes.
Photo by Laurent Martinat

A Series Filmed in La Seyne Coming Soon to Netflix?

06/10 at 07:50 am

Update 06/10 at 8:01 am

The last scenes of the pilot episode of the series “Max” were filmed, Wednesday, at the Perth General Services House, in La Seine-sur-Mer. A fiction that will be presented to the Netflix platform.

Engine, work! On Wednesday, the weather was very different on the first floor of the Perth General Services House.

For good reason: The filming crew took over the building in the morning. More precisely, the conference room, backstage and the office was redecorated for the occasion. “I really thank director Sophie Beauvalet for opening the doors for us.”Abdul Latif Wali Dada, director of the series, smiles the above. A thriller in which an investigative journalist finds himself mired in the past, and confronts a couple held hostage by a gang in search of a precious diamond.

This low budget shoot is very special. “It’s a beta episode that will last between 15 and 20 minutes. We’re honoring the Netflix covenant so we can sell the project to them. We have seven 43-minute episodes already written.”, confirms again.

Latest catch

If the duration of the episode doesn’t seem astronomical, the work is just as important. “We have planned five hours of filming this Wednesday. Including two major scenes here, at the service center. These two scenes will be the beginning and end of the episode. We also have two small scenes to shoot in a villa in La Seine that we are renting.”, says Amandine Agnelli, Senior Assistant Director.

“But in the beginning, we spent eight hours a day without a break”, she laughs.

Shoot unimpeded

There is no doubt that the small team of ten people is perfectly coordinated. “The hardest part was in the beginning. But as soon as you start the straight line, it rolls over”Releases the exit.

Shortly after 10 o’clock, actors Musa Makari and Jack Nalin, the actors present yesterday, put on their costumes. Instant transformation, combined with a little makeup, and they go a few more times.

Ideal conditions for both professionals. “The plot and the story really inspired me”, smiling Moussa Mascari, who is especially known to have played, among others, in taxi 5 And the Bracco. As for Jack Nalen, he knows it “I dream of playing with Musa. It’s really an honor to be by his side. And after that, we have fun”, Shouted.

In a few minutes, the whole team will be in place. Photographer, sound engineer, actors…it’s going on!

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