A self-driving car in the United States tried to escape police control

San Francisco Police recently encountered an unprecedented problem when an officer stopped a self-driving car driving at night with its headlights turned off and no one behind the wheel or passengers. The video of the incident, which was filmed by a passerby and is increasingly being shared on social media, was responded by the cruise company that owns the vehicle. On Twitter Explain what happened. “Our self-driving vehicle succumbed to a police cruiser and was then towed to a nearby safe after a stop sign,” Cruise’s spokesman told the company on Sunday, April 10. Video shared by a journalist.

“An officer contacted Cruz and no charges have been filed,” the company added. The video actually shows a policeman stepping out of the window unnoticed in the driver’s seat and, under the laughter of passersby, someone shouting “None of this! Madness”. The autonomous car automatically exits to the side for a short distance after the green light. “Police officers contacted the drivers of the driverless vehicle. (…) The maintenance team controlled the car,” a police spokesman with the AFP said. Cruise confirmed the facts and explained that the headlights were turned off due to human error.

Free rides are offered in San Francisco

Founded in 2013, Cruise has developed software that allows cars to be fully driven. Most of the shares in US-based General Motors are valued at more than $ 30 billion, especially thanks to investments in Microsof, Honda and Walmart. It has taken an important step since early February by booking free trips for individuals on the streets of San Francisco in its driverless cars.

Residents of California often see robotics from Google’s self-driving subsidiary Waymo. These camera-equipped vehicles, with a driver without touching the steering wheel or pedal, take the public to where they want to be.