A second festival in the virtual barn

association. For the second year in a row, the festival will take place approx. Saint-Patrice-de-Beaurivage. Participants’ performances will be broadcasted on July 3rd, live on the event’s Facebook page.

“When we made the decision to have a virtual edition, that was the only option we could think of. Event director Mario Nadeau explained, we considered the possibility of doing something head-on, but it wasn’t easy.

The event will be held on the same principle as last year. Participants must record their performance on video and send it to the organization. The jury will evaluate each of them in four categories. This year, twenty teams from Quebec, Canada, and the United States will be represented and will exchange scholarships totaling $5,000.

In addition, he remembers that a virtual version allows candidates from all over America to participate in the event. Some, because of the distances to be traveled, simply will not participate.

“We made ourselves a lot known last year because of default. We’ve been talked about everywhere, including on a podcast dedicated to American Classics. It’s a big series with six-horse heavy hitches. They talked about us, in January, for three or Four minutes on how we presented it and whether it has any possibility in the future. The hypothetical formula still makes it possible to avoid many trips,” added Mr. Nadeau.

For this reason, during the upcoming releases, a hypothetical part of the competition is not excluded.

“What will likely happen in the upcoming releases is that we will probably keep a virtual class in order to maintain the link with our American competitors. Those who are too far to visit us, but still want to participate. […] That’s the beauty of it, we find people who may never have come and who are involved.”

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So far, more than 17,500 people have watched the video from last year’s edition. “The vision is really there,” he said. Usually, the event hosts around 2,000 people at the event site.

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