A Saudi chocolatier wins the Chocolate Master Challenge in Switzerland

RIYADH: A Saudi pastry and chocolate student won a competition for her chocolate innovation, representing the Al-Ula migration, the Kingdom’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

He talks about his inspiration regarding his masterpieceKhulood Khalid Khan said she was “devastated” by the “imposition of the natural and human heritage of AlUla that makes one feel so small in this great universe.”

The Chocolate Master Challenge was organized by the Academy of Culinary Arts, Switzerland, under the motto “Winter Memories”. »

Khulood Khalid Khan said, “After I learned about it, I decided to repeatHFeel the winter in Arabia in this roomHAnd in chocolate. »

Four judges were asked to choose the winner, including World Chocolate Champion Jorge Cardoso, who won the title twice in 2018 and 2022, at the Culinary World Cup where he represented Switzerland.

Kholoud Khalid Khan worked for the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate as an advisor on digital strategies, and supported a UNESCO campaign in which Saudi Arabia was accepted into the United Nations Executive Council for Education, Science and Culture.

Immortalization of Khalid Khan with his creation.

She said that working for the Royal Commission for Al-Ula was “eye-opening” that helped her discover the extraordinary treasures of the historic city.

This archaeological site has always fascinated me and I wanted to represent it to On an international level to tell the world our story and the ancient civilization that lived thousands of years ago,” said Khulood Khalid Khan.

“The idea was to connect Hegra, the ancient archaeological site of Al-Ula, with modern activities and events taking place in Al-Ula, such as”Winter in Tantora (winter to Tantora) “which the modern winter hat represented.”

Inspired by her love of animals, she also depicted the Arabian leopard making chocolates. She wrote about the Arabian Leopard while working with the Ministry of Economy and Planning when she was HShe was responsible for online content for the Saudi Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. She said it was when she discovered this adorable animal.

“I’ve been reading about the Arabian leopard, which is importantH seriously threatenedH She thanked the Royal Commission for Al-Ula for its commitment to saving this species and reintroducing it to the region.

“I decided to incorporate the Arabian Leopard into my mountainHe because it is associated with the Almighty,” she claimed.

Jorge Cardoso said: “The chocolate sculpture succeeded in representing Saudi Arabia. It was an elegant piece with a feminine touch. Carving had different techniques, from preparation to work to colouring. There were also clean pools. Beautiful work for my first chocolate sculpture. »

In Khalid Khan’s Khulood centerpiece, Hajar sits on a layer of “sand” inspired by the work of artist Jim Denevan,” Desert X AlUla – Zawya rest. The sand glaze was also used on a pie that was part of the Master Challenge, which was sprinkled with browned cocoa butter to give it a realistic effect. Saffron and orange flavors are also incorporated to represent the region.

Culinary Academy adjudicator and pastry chef Abdellatif Hermann said: “Many things surprised me. The sand was perfectly represented, reflecting the wonderful color of the desert. I felt the powerful symbol of Saudi history and culture progressing and opening up to the world.

As a young Saudi artist, Ms. Kholoud has done an amazing job showcasing the heritage of Saudi Arabia. »

And to add: “The new Saudi generation is ambitious. It is not only able to come to terms with its past, but HAlso to represent it to the world in the best way possible. »

Khuolod Khalid Khan started his own small chocolate business in 2013 making chocolate candies and chocolate bars. She was hired by Jorge Cardoso in January for his new JC Chocolatier brand.

“It is a great honor and a great opportunity to work directly with the world champion chocolatier and learn all the advanced techniques for creating chocolate sculptures. I want to bring this knowledge back to Saudi Arabia and grow my chocolate business.”

Kholoud Khalid Khan also shared how she felt nostalgic about her work with Saudi government entities as a public relations consultantHI’m from Communication and Digital Strategy. She said HI can’t wait to come back to This field and work on large-scale projects within the framework of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

She is currently studying at the Academy of Culinary Arts on a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture.

I would especially like to thank the Saudi government and the Ministry of Culture for their full support and trust. “Thank you for making my dreams come true,” said Khulood Khalid Khan.

This text is a translation of an article published on Arabnews.com

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