A romantic dinner was marred by a parade of nudists

Friday 23 July is a British couple’s celebration day. A particular John Wood and his wife celebrated their wedding anniversary. In this case, They decided to go to dinner at the River X Cafe and mark the event, A restaurant in the middle of the Xi Garden near Exeter in the southwest of England.

In the middle of the water, enjoying seafood, the specialty of the establishment, two British love birds seemed to have a pleasant and romantic moment. Aside from the fact that this dinner took a little unusual turn at one point, the story goes. Western France From Australian site information Lot Bible.

John and his partner may have enjoyed a nice sunset. They were entitled to another view that was radically different. Looking up, they saw the couple scrolling near them A shipwreck with dozens of nudists. These last lovers did not hesitate to create big hand signs.

An unstable moment

John told the newspaper of this unusual and unexpected encounter The Devon Live. “I was worried about their health as it was cold when the wind started to blow at this time of day. Luckily the wind only rose as they passed ! “, He explained with humor.

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