A rare moment in the UK when dolphins arrived in port and surprised the sailors

On Saturday 26 June, a group of at least 9 dolphins approached several sea boats in a harbor near Dartmouth. The cetaceans stayed there for an hour.

Between Dartmouth and Kingswear, in the Dart River in the UK, a group of at least 9 dolphins appeared. The whales took the river and then gradually approached the boats, where the sailors were sailing.

Image credit: Andy Kyle

Dolphins are mammals that travel mainly in groups. It can consist of 2 to 30 dolphins. Cetaceans love to swim together because it allows them to protect each other and hunt as a team to find more food.

A pouch of dolphins near the sailors

After surprising the sailors by approaching their boat, the dolphins remained in place for an hour. In fact, they were busy catching fresh fish, their main prey. While the dolphins were around, the sailors were careful to maintain their speed and distance, so as not to frighten or injure the animals.

Image credit: Andy Kyle

Photographer Andy Kyle captured the confrontation between dolphins and sailors. While some marine mammals left after hunting, others decided to swim in the river and were seen by the residents of Dartmouth.

Image credit: Andy Kyle

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