A rare disease transmitted by cats discovered in Great Britain

This is the first time in Great Britain: three people have been infected with the fungus Sporotrichosis brasiliensis Consequently, they contracted a rare skin disease called sporotrichosis. This is manifested by a skin infection that can develop into abscesses and ulcers.

A rare disease caused by cat scratching

The three affected individuals are a 63-year-old mother, her 30-year-old daughter, and a veterinarian who were all scratched by the same cat. The scientists put their case in the journal Medical fungi case reports.

After being scratched by their cat, the mother and daughter contracted sporotrichosis. For eight weeks, they had skin sores in the area where the cat had been infected. They were cured with an anti-inflammatory treatment fungal infectionsmeaning those caused by fungi.

The third person injured is the vet who was scratched while examining the same cat during an appointment. Four weeks later, he developed ulcers and lesions on his arm. He too received the same treatment as mother and daughter.

A rare disease that mainly affects South America

The cat with the fungal infection died. He was nine years old and was rescued by his family in southeastern Brazil, where they were living at the time. They brought it with them to the UK when they moved. The researchers did not provide information on the cat’s breed.

To date, sporotrichosis has never been observed outside of South America. Indeed, according to Centers for Disease Control and Preventionmushrooms Sporotrichosis brasiliensis Responsible for increasing cases of the disease in cats and humans in Brazil and parts of South America.

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Between 1998 and 2016, more than 4,500 human cases of sporotrichosis caused by cats were identified. There was also a case recently in Argentina and Paraguay, respectively.

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