A ranking of “world’s best cuisine” puts France behind the US and prompts outrage

Faced with criticism, the site behind the ranking had to disclose the methodology used to establish the ranking.

“Don’t hate us, we’re counting votes”. TasteAtlas, a specialized site, focuses on local specialties, recipes and the world’s best addresses. Ranking of “World’s Best Cuisine”..

This ranking, published on social networks, did not please everyone, except for lovers of Italian and Greek cuisine, which took first and second place respectively.

America is ahead of France

French cuisine comes in at number nine, causing a lot of reaction. “We’re already losing the World Cup, it’s hard to take, but we’re respected like that,” one netizen quipped.

Above all, however, the fact that American cuisine is ahead of France has sparked outrage. “France not doing well after America”, we can read on Twitter.

“What is American food? Greasy pizzas? Tasteless hot dogs? Burgers are good, but not good enough to make the top 30,” another person wrote.

Calls from embassies

The strong reactions prompted the TasteAtlas site, which defines itself as “an encyclopedia of flavors, a world atlas of traditional foods, local ingredients and authentic restaurants,” to justify itself.

“Every year when the list is released, there are a lot of angry people and calls from embassies.” He writes on TwitterHe explained that he wanted to “clarify his methodology”.

“Throughout the year, people rate these foods (not foods) in our database,” the site explains, and “some votes are recognized as invalid by our system (for example, nationalist votes: people in one country give them high ratings. Foods and low ratings for their neighbors. We do not count these votes)”.

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At the end of the year, TasteAtlas compiles these ratings and calculates the average of the best-rated dishes in each country, “For example, France is not attacked by frogs,” it noted.

Preserving American Gastronomy

Beyond its means, the site also wanted to defend American cuisine that had been vilified by Internet users. In fact, many people have mocked food from America by posting questionable cooking videos, often based on processed products.

“American food is not just burgers, Pepsi and Doritos,” writes TasteAtlas, publishing a map of various local specialties.

“This list doesn’t please anyone, but it’s a reflection of the real voice of real people. That’s why we wrote Don’t Hate Us, We Count Votes,” the site concludes.

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