A preview of the addiction documentary hosted by Mary Mae has been revealed

General view about New Documentary Addict: Addictive disorders driven b Mary May It was unveiled and it looks interesting.

In fact, it is on Instagram page of life channel That’s a preview of the new documentary about addiction, which will be released on January 25th It has been released and seems to be strong.

mariemaireal attempts to understand what addictive disorders are and addresses, for the first time, what it is like to see a loved one suffer from it. Addicts: Addictive Disorders, January 25th at 7pm in Canal Vie,” We learned.

Mary Mae also commented on the release of this new documentary presented by Vie During the day Bill Reason!

“I always have the desire to deepen my knowledge and go to the end of my questions. This personal quest turned into a great human experience and led me to upload the documentary ACCRO: Addictive Disorders. At ACCRO, I interview people from all walks of life struggling with addiction to better understand the challenges they face daily and their means of support I am convinced this documentary will inspire empathy and openness while highlighting resilience.” We spoke to Mary Mae to get a sense of what this project means to her!

Will you be listening on January 25th?

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