A Portuguese woman trapped in the United States by a travel ban

“Travel ban” : These two words alone summarize the hardships experienced by thousands of French people living in the United States, where they find themselves trapped. Among them, Portileis Christine Dukesney has not seen her family or friends since the summer of 2019:

“We are allowed to leave the United States without problems, but in order to return from Europe, we must first observe two weeks of isolation in a country chosen by US officials such as Rwanda, Turkey or Mexico,” he testified.

The law was enacted in November 2020 by the Trump administration to protect the United States from Govt-19. This was maintained by Joe Biden. Christine Dukesney, who came to California a year before the epidemic, condemns, above all, the lack of interaction with locals. “Two weights, two measures”Unbearable in his eyes: “Fully vaccinated Americans can come and go as they please, just like the French have a green card. (Permanent Residence Permit, Author’s Note) Or those with dual nationalities. Tito for Mexico: The border will be open in both directions when the pollution rate explodes there! “

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Accumulating requests

Christine Dukesney, who holds a master’s degree in international trade, worked at Bordeaux in Sud-Owest to improve logistics for daily delivery. It was in 2018 that she moved to San Francisco, where her husband won an engineering contract with computer company Apple. The French woman soon got a job at an Israeli-American company that provides cyber security software for websites or smartphone applications. Today he describes a Kofkesk situation: the French can also apply to enter the United States “No”, The exception in the national interest. The problem is, it is presented on a case-by-case basis and the eligible categories were further restricted last year. “This NIE is only physically available by visiting the US Embassy in Paris”, Christine Dukesney mentions. “It’s currently only open to Americans. Suffice it to say we can’t afford it!”

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The French woman has to go to Paris to renew her work visa, which allows her to stay on American soil. According to this simple method, no meeting is available before … April 2022! “Immigration Department Defined by Donald Trump”, She explains. “A large number of employees have been laid off and demands are piling up, which have not been implemented. ” In Washington in mid-July, foreigners expect a lot from the recent meeting between Joe Biden and Angela Merkel. The German Chancellor arrived that day to argue why the affected Europeans were living in the United States “Travel ban”. The then White House president promised to rule quickly on the issue. But these beliefs seem to be compromised by the rapid spread of delta variation in Europe.

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