A pony is elected mayor of his town and then banned from the local pub

At the end of last July, a pony named Patrick was elected mayor of Cockington, England, but he was recently banned from a local pub following a complaint, according to several British media outlets.

Well known by the citizens, this animal has been working as a therapy animal since 2019. He especially visited hospitals and schools in the district to comfort the sick and children of the area.

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At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the pony’s owner decided to take him to a local pub, the Drum Inn, in an effort to offer support to patrons. Patrick has become so popular since then that citizens decided to symbolically elect the pony as mayor last month.

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The pony took part in an investiture ceremony on 23 July led by local MP Kevin Foster.

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An enclosure has been set up in Drum Inn Gardens to allow citizens to meet their mayor.

However, the new mayor is apparently having none of it, as a complaint has been filed to prevent Patrick from moving out of the pub.

The complaint alleges that the owner of the Drum Inn does not have permission to build the enclosure.

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According to Newsweek, The council that dealt with the complaint is run by political enemies of the local MP. In an interview given to the newspaper, a citizen came forward and complained, one of the members of the municipal council. The Times.

Responding to this, Member of Parliament Kevin Foster said that the city council is making a fool of itself with such a resolution.

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