A police officer was arrested for speeding with his service vehicle

An Orlando, Florida police officer has been arrested for speeding his car while returning to work.

The incident occurred in early June when another on-duty police officer spotted a vehicle marked “Police” traveling at more than 130 km/h in a 70 km/h zone, according to local media reports.

The car, going full speed, was going without a siren or a flash of light, prompting the police officer on duty to swoop in after him, pressing hard on the mushroom head to catch up with him after a brief chase.

When he was arrested, the offending officer got out of his car angrily, and called out to his colleague on duty, “I’m going to work man, why are you trying to stop me when I go to work?”

“You are driving at 130 km/h in the 70 district,” the deputy sheriff who was determined to do a check in good standing responded by asking for his driver’s license from the agent who belonged to the same police force.

This is too much for the offending policeman who does not seem to appreciate the enthusiasm of his colleague who refuses to present him with his papers, before returning to his car to continue on his way.

However, the sheriff’s deputy had time to take down the insignia and license plate numbers of the fleeing officer who had been relieved of his duties, pending possible penalties from criminal investigations.

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