A plane went missing with two people at sea, and research is ongoing

The day after the P28 went missing off the British coast, no debris was found at sea.

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The search for the missing passenger plane with two people on board the day before at sea between France and England was underway on Sunday, April 3rd. The P28 took off from Wellesbourne (United Kingdom) on Saturday for the French coastal resort of Le Touquet (Pas-de-Calais), according to the Maritime Province.

The Pass-de-Calais province said the engine, which was registered in the United Kingdom, was flying with five other passenger planes as part of a joint voyage. Its last known location was in the middle of the English Channel, 25 miles (45 km) southeast of the UK, according to a statement from the British Coast Guard.

Significant French and British research resources were used on Saturday. In vain. On Sunday, the search resumed by French helicopter and rescue boat Bee Langudok, Chartered by French Navy and British Coast Guard aircraft. The Department of Maritime Affairs told the AFP that several merchant ships patrolling the area had been contacted, but that no debris had been found so far, or that there was no evidence that the plane had crashed.

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