A Place in the Sun viewers blast the ‘annoying and time-consuming’ couple of annoying hostess Scarlett Douglas

PLACE in the Sun viewers criticized the couple for being “wasteers and reporters” because they turned down every property.

Irish couple Don and Margaret were looking for a hole in the beautiful West Algarve for the whole family to escape the cold British winters.

However, regardless of royal hostess Scarlatt Douglas, 33, who showed off the tough pair during yesterday’s episode, they weren’t thrilled.

Don and Margaret A Place in the Sun left viewers angered after they failed to purchase one of the properties offered to them by host Scarlett Douglas.Credit: ITV

Despite a huge budget of £300,000, retired accountant Don and his wife Margaret were unable to find a notebook to meet their urgent needs.

Scarlett—who has been on the show since 2015—did a great job finding homes that cater to the duo’s feed, but each location received a poor response.

The couple wanted to be near a golf course because their son and son-in-law were playing, and they were convinced that the new home and garden had to be low-maintenance, contrary to their fatal mistake in the UK.

Also included in the wishlist are 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, use of a swimming pool, tennis court and outdoor entertaining area.

New digs have to be modern with a view of the beach and into a small town or village – and Scarlett certainly had her work cut out for it.

After seeking advice from their children and narrowing down the options to three homes, Don and Margaret declined to make an offer.

Their meticulous scoring system left two closely related characteristics, but they ultimately chose to take more time to discuss them with the family.

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And it didn’t take long before optimistic viewers took to the pair on Twitter.

One of them, who had not watched the entire show, tweeted, “Afternoon Sun Students! I just caught the old man walking around at the end and buying all the funk. I can’t say I’m sorry I missed out today.”

And a second movie humorously unleashed on the couple’s selection method: “What’s the use of their registration system if they’ve been orange juice thieves from the start?!!! Honorable gentlemen.”

Referring to their anti-bank budget, a third wrote: “Proof that even with a lot of money to spend, you can still be a mess. People later.”

A fourth waved his hand: “The wasters…the youth of tomorrow…”.

While the fifth wrote simply: “Oh, Messenger of God.”

Hopefully Scarlett can help her next husband – a real estate developer since 2013 and now on her third platform, she is perfectly positioned to help others at A Place in the Sun.


Scarlett chops up her act with a huge wish listCredit: ITV
Real estate developer Scarlett has been around for six years


Real estate developer Scarlett has been around for six yearsCredit: ITV
The Irish couple had a strict registration system


The Irish couple had a strict registration systemCredit: ITV

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