A new statue of Christ will overtake the Rio statue

A small town in southern Brazil is building a giant new statue of Christ bypassing the famous Christ statue towering over Rio de Janeiro from Corcovado Hill.

The construction of the statue, whose arms and legs were installed this week, began in 2019 in Incantado (22,000 people), located 144 kilometers from Porto Alegre, in the state of Rio Grande del Sur. The work must be completed at the end of the year, according to the Society of Friends of Christ, which is coordinating its investigation.

“It is definitely a day of celebration and dedication,” said Gilson Kunzati, the project advisor and son of the project’s founder, Adrialdo Kunzati, the former mayor of the city who passed away in March. COVID-19 complications.

The statue of Christ the Protector of Incantado is 43 meters high, including the pedestal, making it the third tallest statue of its kind in the world. Thirty-six meters separating one hand from the other. The monument will be equipped with an internal elevator and topped by a belvedere.

The Christ the Savior of Corcovado, an icon of Brazil, is 38 meters high, including pedestal, and opened in October 1931.

The new statue, which was installed on a hill called Cerro de las Antenas, was designed by a priest from Incantado “to convey the faith of the people of Incantado and to promote tourism in the region”.

The work was entrusted to the sculptors Genesio and Marcus Moura, father and son. The project is worth 2 million riyals (about 295,000 euros), funded by donations and without public funds, according to the Friends of Christ Association.

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The association consisting of volunteers continues on its website its campaign to collect donations and offers to win a car through the lottery to encourage them.

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