A new, more modern museum space has been created

The castle finally reopened its doors after a long period of work but also disagreements between the municipal owner of the site and the “friends of the castle” who guaranteed visits in return for the income from renting the Jehan Galle room.

In opposition to the declared desire of the municipality to stimulate a new, more structured dynamic within the castle, the building has a manager in the person of Tiffany Goncalves and a young mentor in the civil service. Explanations with Marie-Odile Mulger, cultural assistant, representing the city, which thus regains control of its castle.

How did you envision this new museum space?

“We wanted to offer visitors an edutainment tour in a space entirely dedicated to the medieval period. Our aim was to provide a fair representation of this often misunderstood period in many aspects such as education, hygiene, health, science and even the status of women.”

Is there one or more new features?

“Modernity is also represented in the modern approach that we wanted to give to this space through multimedia and interactive devices. An immersive corridor, tactile panels, sensory games, everything is set up so that visitors young and old discover the Middle Ages differently.”

And on the side of the dungeon?

“The museum has long housed a postal museum which, despite its characteristics, had no connection with a medieval castle. That is why we wanted to return this tower to its primary destination, a stately home. To do this, we called in a specialist who reconstructed the different rooms of this house “, which is the dining room, the guard’s room and the bedroom. They are all decorated with symbolic accessories of the time such as shields made from scratch here at Frieze.”

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