A new model of commercial space opened in San Junin

Huerta. A female name meaning a small Mediterranean vegetable garden. For sea air, ironing will be necessary. But this is the spirit that wanted to imbue the investors who created the shopping district of that name at 17 bis avenue d’Oradour-sur-Glane in Saint-Junien.

The first institution in San Junin

“This is the first setup we’ve done for these spaces,” offers Jerome Blanco, one of the project leaders at a company of four assistants. This is the concept of a commercial district that is mainly based on the trade of foodstuffs, local products and quality. “

The Huerta space launched in April, and has expanded with stores, and sometimes franchises, from other sectors. In the current situation, five companies have opened their doors, dragged by the bakery locomotive Enters.

I wanted to go back to Saint-Junien, with something new

“It is a logical continuation to open up here for me after Limoges,” confirms Fernand Tariko, co-director ofEnters with his wife. It’s the concept of commercial space that works for organizations like us. “

Same tone with the neighbor, Bruno Dumonto, manager of the butcher’s shop of the same name: “The spirit of the region led us to settle here. I had a shop in Saint-Junien before, and I wanted to come back with something new.”

“The micro-mall project has convinced me on a human level, even if I’m not a catering profession,” notes Gwladys Nandillon, co-director of Chip hairdresser.

A maximum of five pieces on an area of ​​800 square meters

Everyone gathered at the end of June to “launch” this new €1m space funded by these private entrepreneurs, and while they waited to be “ready to go” in September, the project leaders wanted to define a stroke. Mostly originally from the Southwest, they quickly saw the potential for redevelopment of this space.

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“It is common for quality to be consumed and for the average commercial space to be five or six pieces,” explains Pierre Serra, at the initiative of the project.

On an area of ​​800 square meters, florist and Beauty Centre It should be added by the end of the summer to be a dense and diversified commercial area.

First stone in the section for these investors before the opening of a second Huerta space in Angouleme sometime.

Thibaut Diller

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