A new memorial space for the Irish community, Progate Montreal

Projet Montréal on Friday pledged, if re-elected, to open a memorial space for the 6,000 Irish who died of typhus in 1847-1848.

Constructed on a median between four lanes of Bridge Street, Black Rock would also allow all Montreal residents to gather there and learn more about this period in Montreal history.

In addition to Projet Montréal, this memorial site will be produced in collaboration with the Montreal Irish Park Foundation and Hydro-Québec.

Projet Montréal’s future management will invest $15 million to move forward with the Bridge Street relocation, which will allow the creation of this tribute park. For Hydro-Québec, the state-owned company will also build its new Irish substation nearby, to provide space to allow the construction of this new memorial park. The Montreal Irish Park Foundation will then undertake the task of completing the development of the site.

“This venue has always been requested by the Irish community in Montreal. I am therefore very pleased to stress the tremendous contribution of women and men of Irish descent to the history of Montreal. I hope that this new venue for celebration will make this part of our history better known to all the people of Montreal,” he declared in Press release Valerie Plante, outgoing mayor and president of Progit of Montreal.

Work is expected to start no later than 2025 and last for two years.

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