A new fire has spread in California



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A wildfire destroys the southern shore of Lake Tahoe, California’s most touristy area, and it had to be evacuated.

In the United States, on Tuesday, August 31, huge flames engulfed Lake Tahoe in the California jungle. Powerless, a people are witnessing disaster. “You can see a mountain there, everything is burning”, He explains. So he was ready to leave. “I’m a doctor. My work equipment and part of my life are in the back of this car.”, He adds.

More than 20,000 people were ordered to evacuate on Tuesday morning, Aug. 31. A few miles south of Lake Tahoe, this is a traffic jam. Motorists have no choice but to take their problems patiently. “I think it will take weeks to come back. I have lived in Tahoe for forty years and there has never been a fire like this.”, Explains a man who has already taken refuge in Gardnerville. In the western US, fires are on the rise.


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