A new digital space at the service of your health

my health space It is a new digital space open to all policyholders, a rich and digital health record that can be consulted remotely.

A small revolution for your health

The Shared Medical Record (DMP), launched in 2018, is a building block that is now part of the My Health Space. All medical information contained in the DMP is automatically transferred to My Health Space. Each insured has an account opened by default, and it is up to him to activate it.
My Health Space allows digitization, archiving and transmission of medical data. This tool enables better coordination of care.
Health professionals can access, depending on their rights, certain parts of the My Health Space.

website and app

My Health Space is a space that can be accessed via the website or app for free download.
You can complete your medical file and health history, for example by putting in your vaccination certificates, your medical history, allergies, and surgeries you’ve had. You choose what information you want to appear on My Health Space.
Advance directives may appear there, and this will allow you to know your wishes in case of vital emergency care. The principle of “unblocking” allows emergency physicians to bypass the health data access protocol, again at your choice.
At any time, you can add or delete information from My Health Space.

Securing my health space

By default, My Health Space is open, but it’s up to you to activate your account to access it. My Health Space contains sensitive information. It is formed as a true health safe. All data is hosted in France. This confidential data is in no way transferred to third parties.
Ultra-secure messaging allows you to communicate with healthcare professionals. It also allows health professionals to interchange with each other.

A tool for everyone’s health

The children are attached to their parents Mon Espace Santé.
This new digital tool is being rolled out gradually. Health professionals place documents (such as hospital reports, radiological reports, and biological test results) on the insured’s digital space. National Health Insurance Fund. It expects 250 million documents downloaded by the end of 2023.
For seniors who are not well equipped or uncomfortable with digital tools, their account is activated and, with their consent, health professionals can fuel their health space by depositing documents there.

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