A new conflict between the United States and Canada

The United States advanced to the semifinals of the World Hockey Championship with a 6-1 victory over Slovakia in Riga on Thursday.

So, the Americans have a meeting with their northern neighbors, Canada.

In today’s fight, six skaters from the winning team finished the game with two points. Trevor Moore, Christian Volanin, Kevin Lapung and Eric Robinson both had two assistants.

For their part, Colin Blackwell and Connor Garland each shook the ropes twice. The New York Rangers representative made the lightning in the first and second twenties, while Garland pulled it off in the first and final confirmation of the game.

Brian Boyle and Sasha Kmelevsky were the other scorers for the Americans.

In the opposing camp, only Peter Sehlaric was able to beat goalkeeper Cal Peterson, who finished the game with 27 saves.

Canada surprises in the quarterfinals

Canada continued its astonishing progress at the World Hockey Championships, beating the Russians 2-1 and advancing to the semi-finals of the tournament in Riga on Thursday.

It is difficult to predict such an outcome for Maple Leaf, which suffered defeats to Latvia and Germany in the early rounds. The arrival of Andrew Mangiaban gave the team a boost, once again playing as the forward heroes of the Calgary Flames.

Mangiappan, well-established in the lodge, accepted a beautiful pass from Troy Statcher and put an end to the suspense after 2 minutes 12 seconds of extra time. Stitcher, there was a difference between his skates before he handed them to his teammates.

Canada never advanced in this battle against the powerful Russian machine. Evgeni Timkin opened the scoring halfway through the game, knocking down Darcy Kuemper, who made 24 saves in total.

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At the start of the third period came the response from Adam Henrik’s bat, which, among other things, was assisted by his sidekick Quebecker Maxim Comtois in the Anaheim ducks.

It was the bitter end of the match for the Russians, who were considered one of the favorites after suffering only one defeat in the opening round against Slovakia.

Sergei Poprovsky, who came from North America after losing the Florida Panthers in the playoffs, would have played only one game. He blocked 22 shots.

Canada Ace will find the United States, who beat their neighbors north 5-1 earlier in the match. The clash will take place on Saturday, in the Riga arena.

One goal is enough for Finland

Finland were able to believe in the excellent work of goalkeeper Jussi Olkinovora, who beat the Czech Republic 1-0.

The 30-year-old said he hit 23 shots.

At the other end of the ice, goalkeeper Simon Hrubek was so good, but he stumbled on 28 shots he had once received, which allowed the Finns to advance to the next round. Jere Innola led his team to victory in the second period.

The Germans finish the climb

Germany, who were two goals behind in the second half, were able to win 3-2 in a shootout against Switzerland.

With less than three minutes to go in midfield, Tom Cunhawk let his team close the gap to a goal. Leon Kawanke forced extra time with only 44 seconds left in the game.

In the session after extra time, Dominic Kahun and Marcel Nobles waved ropes for the winners, while only Timo Meyer was able to respond to the Swiss.

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Ramon Andersander in the first Twenty20s and Fabrice Herzog in the next period gave Switzerland a two-goal lead.

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