A new career for Pope Francis? It’s coming to Netflix! (Video)

Unbelievable, but true: Pope Francis become a narrator for Netflix. Released December 25th, “Stories of a Generation with Pope Francis” This is a four-part documentary series in which the Pope and other men and women over the age of 70 share their journey through life. Eighteen inspiring stories to promote dialogue between adults and children. Note that this unexpected program was inspired by the Pope’s book Sharing the Wisdom of Time, published in 2018.

Among the witnesses was director Martin Scorsese, who paid tribute to his two spouses. But most of the speakers are not really known to the general public. They include Vito Forino, the 72-year-old Italian who rescued 47 refugees from a shipwreck, as well as Dave Lowe, a New Zealand climate scientist, who won the Nobel Prize for being the first to measure the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the Southern Hemisphere. in 1972.

“Stories from a Generation” tells the story of Estella Barnes de Carlotto, a 90-year-old Argentinian who spent decades searching for her grandson after her daughter was murdered in the 1970 riots. Also Danilo Mina Hernandez, 76, after two blinded twins grew up Intellectual disabilities, or Gisele Aswad Sabbagh, 87, was forced to flee from Syria and then Beirut. Finally, let’s mention the testimonies of an 88-year-old paratrooper, a 77-year-old surfer who believed he could ride a tsunami, or a Mexican midwife who helped deliver thousands of babies during her lifetime.

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Commenting on these stories, Pope Francis takes the opportunity to reflect on topics dear to him, such as parenthood or the dreams shaped by older people. He describes himself as a “dreamer” who wrote several poems in his youth. Indeed, the Argentine Pope talks about his passion, like the tango that gives him “hope for the future.” He also remembers his first experience in the world of work. Then his father sent him to the hosiery factory to do housework.

Lots of anecdotes and inspiring stories to find right now on Netflix.

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