A new area of ​​accountability: Towards a union of energies

On August 12, the NGO Accountability Laboratory reopened its new headquarters in Magnambogo. This space, according to officials, is the workspace together, more open, green, and welcoming to welcome friends, collaborators, and Accountability Lab partners.

The ceremony was attended by representatives from the Office of the Auditor General, and from the Office of Oclei, among others. The Accountability Program opened in Mali in 2016 and is led by Musa Kondo, journalist and country director, an organization headquartered in Washington (USA), and operating in 16 countries around the world. Accountability works on issues of governance, transparency, anti-corruption and participation and citizen participation. “We are fighting this battle through several projects that we are implementing and implementing across the country,” The Country Director of the Accountability Lab explainsAnd Moses Kondo. In fact, from Kayes to Kidal, the accountability has carried out activities during these few years through its project called “Symbol of Integrity”, which aims to identify and celebrate honest and upright civil servants in public administration. The goal is to fight corruption but by encouraging more good practices in the system. Mr. Kondo believes that the most important thing is how to unify the initiatives. “For us, it’s about finding how to unite the energies, whether it’s a civil servant, or an economic worker, or an individual, or anyone, if your goal is to move toward that openness, toward innovation, toward creativity. We’ve driven that ambition to reopen the workspace. this common”, He is done.

Ibrahim Ndiaye

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