A Netflix adaptation of the saga has been revealed in a magical trailer

Step into the magical world of the School of Good and Evil, an institution where two types of students are trained: heroes and villains. Target ? Maintaining a balance between good and evil (hence the name of the school). Based on the bestselling teen novels by Suman Chinani, this movie will soon be released on Netflix. An official trailer has just been revealed this Tuesday, September 13th, allowing us to discover the characters of this universe.

We will follow the adventures and enter the famous school of two best friends: Agatha and Sophie. Played straight by Sophia Wiley (High School Musical, Seriesand Sophia Ann Carusonumber four). Unfortunately for them, they will find themselves face to face, one on the side of the heroes and the other on the side of the villains. In the trailer, we can see the wonderful combinations of the feature film as well as the most charming special effects. Directed by Paul Feig (Ghostbusters, last Christmas) Be sure to amuse fansHarry Potter.

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cast Good and Evil School

To accompany the two young actresses who play the main roles of the film, famous actresses were incorporated into the cast. We will find in the skin of the eccentric Lady Lisu the gorgeous Charlize Theron. Kerry Washington will play Professor Duffy (scandal) and Professor Anemones by Michelle Yeoh (Everything everywhere at once). There will be other new faces, like Jamie Flatters (Avatar 2), Kate Young (Shadow and bones), Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex Girlfriendor Laurence Fishburnematrix).

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While waiting to be able to spot the first part on Netflix on October 21, discover the trailer for Good and Evil School :

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