A mysterious virus worries northern France

new virus Does it spread in the Lille region? In recent days, raise mysterious testimonies “Lil’ disease” It proliferates on social networks, with symptoms quite similar to those of the coronavirus: coughing, fatigue, loss of voice, etc.

Simple angina or A new kind of Covid-19 ? The residents began to worry.

Covid-19 negative

I ran away from covid for a year and a half to the end To be sick as if I don’t know what because of ‘Lil’ Sickness », “Night sickness I am no longer my brother I just cough“,”How can Lyell’s disease be cured? I have even more mashed voicesTell Martin Aubrey to act there“,

Can we read in recent days on Twitter. And messages like that, there are a lot of them! Everything he wrote Residents of the city of Lille.

Suspicion of a new group of COVID-19 It was excluded, however, as none of these individuals tested positive for PCR.

But there are still some concerns, because this strange disease appears Especially to reach young peopleMany reported that they contracted the disease after a gathering or outing in bars and nightclubs.

“The usual seasonal viruses”

However, several health professionals questioned on the subject tried to reassure residents:

These are very common diseases, especially in a time of climate change. I have no strange angina, no abnormal activityAnd

Explains for example general practitioner Audrey Lombart’s north lightning.

basicbackThe usual seasonal viruses“, According to Sophie Prevot.

On the other hand, it is always recommendedPerform a PCR testby reflex If you have any of these symptoms, Audrey Lombart notes.

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