A mutation has been found in the British variant of the SARS-VOC-2 virus. What the experts say

A mutation has been found in the British variant of the SARS-VOC-2 virus, which can easily escape to the immune system.

The warning was issued by the Public Health Service in the UK. Experts are talking about changes in the “spike” protein, as in the “South African” and “Brazilian” varieties, which cause fear around the world.

After the “English strain”, also known as the “Kent strain”, this is the variant
The South African virus that causes shingles has been found in several places in the United Kingdom. Authorities are trying to stop the spread, especially since it is highly contagious. That’s why the mass test for 80,000 people is in full swing.

John Ashton, a representative of the Directorate of Public Health, said: “Of course, this is far more widespread than the hundred or more cases identified so far. This is how viruses work. They are very humble creatures, very simple lifestyles, but incredibly fit. Once they enter the human host population, they can spread like wildfire. ”

Susan Hopkins, Physician: “We have no evidence that the variant that spreads in the UK causes severe forms of the disease.

Anthony Fucci: “Although protection against the virus is declining, vaccines still provide us with adequate protection against more severe forms of the disease, including hospitalization and death.”

According to the Dutch government, the strain, first detected in the UK, was “guilty” of half of the new outbreaks in the Netherlands by January 26.

On the other hand, three mutations in English, South African and Brazil – the first to appear in Manas, the epicenter of the Govt disaster in Brazil, were also found in the United States.

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CDC Director Rochelle Valensky: “Variations are a major concern and we will continue to find them in the United States.”

In recent weeks, many European countries have been forced to tighten controls on dealing with the Govt-19 epidemic. But now, there are also measures for relaxation, somehow against the current.

In Italy, no region is classified as red, which is the highest level of infection. Authorities also allowed restaurants and bars to open during the day, facilitating travel. Museums can be open, but not on weekends, not on weekends to avoid congestion. I also get visitors from iconic monuments like the Colosseum; Or cysteine ​​chapel.

The Austrian government announced on Monday evening that it was easing restrictions imposed on December 26. Schools, museums and shops will open on February 8.

In the Netherlands, authorities want to allow non-essential stores to open next week, but with limitations – customers will be able to order online and receive door-to-door purchases.

In Greece, some high school students have returned home from school for more than 10 weeks, although other control measures are in place. Elementary schools have already started classes.

In contrast, other European countries such as France, Germany and Portugal have tightened traffic restrictions.

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