A mother dies in front of her children and husband on a trip to the United Kingdom

A mother died on a flight between Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. His body had to remain for eight hours of traveling with his relatives. A real tragedy that aroused the sympathy of Internet users. Cat has been opened online.

It’s a tragic story he told guardian. A mother died on August 5 in front of her family on a plane. The mother, father and children were traveling to the UK from Hong Kong after more than 15 years abroad.

During the early hours of the flight, Helen Rhodes fell asleep and never woke up. “For the remaining eight hours of the journey,” the family’s mother’s body remained close to the sons and father. As her friend Jane Gage was quoted by our colleagues, this moment was “extremely painful for the family.”

A cat online worth 32,300 euros

However, “they all had time to tell him what they needed to tell him.” “This loss is unimaginable. Helen was a devoted wife and mother. She was the cement that holds her family together,” details this acquaintance. After an emergency landing in Germany, his body remained in Frankfurt while his family returned to the United Kingdom.

a online kitty It was opened to Helen’s loved ones and caused a wave of solidarity. More than 32,300 euros were raised during the operation. This amount should be used specifically for funeral expenses. A spokesman for the Foreign Office responded to the tragic killing of the Briton. “We are supporting the family of a British woman who died on a flight to Frankfurt and are in contact with the local authorities,” he said.

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