A merger between the PGA and LIV: the US Senate takes part

Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal said Monday that he has held the PGA and LIV accountable in connection with the two-circuit merger announced last week.

The 77-year-old Democrat asked to review a wide range of documents and communications related to the deal. He also wanted to look at the paperwork related to the PGA’s nonprofit status, which indicated a future challenge related to non-payment of taxes.

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Blumenthal criticized Saudi Arabia in a statement. An investment fund from this country finances the activities of LIV. He denounced the “deeply troubling human rights record at home and abroad,” noting that the agreement raised concerns “about the role of the Saudi government and the risks posed by a foreign government entity to control a cherished American institution.” .

The opening of an investigation by the politician does not mean that the agreement between the PGA and LIV is in jeopardy, but it could lead to a court challenge. And the specter of scrutiny by the US Congress and potential public hearings could tarnish the deal and make the months ahead unpleasant for PGA executives.

A few hours after Blumenthal’s release, LIV and the PGA did not comment on the initiation of this investigation.

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