A man pulls 11 teeth because he can’t afford to call a dentist

However, trying to call everyone on the first of the month to get an appointment is not in vain.

Like many Britons, George Klinos failed to get an appointment with a contracted dentist. For good reason, nine out of ten dental practices that care for people covered by the English public health system (NHS) are no longer accepting new patients. According to figures from our colleagues at the BBC. And in Liverpool, there are no dentists who receive a meager state pension every month for patients like George.

Eat soup

However, the UK Department of Health said it had made an extra £50m available to the NHS and that improving it was a priority at the moment. But that has not stopped Britons from walking hundreds of miles in search of a dentist, pulling teeth without anaesthetic, making their own improvised dentures or restricting their diet, mainly by eating soup, the BBC has underlined in its investigation.

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