A man assaults a pedestrian in Bordeaux on Darwin Space

At around 1:30 p.m., as a couple got out of their car, heading to Espace Darwin in Bordeaux, a man got in their way and stabbed the woman. The victim’s arm was cut off and she was taken to the Tondo clinic. After escaping, the police quickly found the attacker near the Braza dock. According to our colleagues from Sud Quest, he has been arrested.

“He was visibly drunk, but he was visibly drunk in spite of everything.”

As the pair walk towards Darwin space, the attacker He thus came with a knife before attacking the lady. Darwin Security Director says. After this first stab in the arm of a bystander, the man would also attempt to attack a family. Immediately a security guard intervened: “The aggressor set off towards the Chaban-Delmas bridge.”. After the emergency call to the police, the police quickly intervened: “They managed to catch him after 10 minutes. The guy was between Quai de Brazza and Quai des Queyries”says the security director.

waiting for police intervention, Security took care of sheltering all passers-by who wandered : We put them in Darwin’s bakery while we waited for the process to complete.. The security officer describes the attacker’s profile as “A big man of 1m90. He was visibly drunk, his eyes wide open and bulging, but he was lucid nonetheless.“.

Regarding the victim’s health condition, he wants to be reassured: “She was taken to the Tondo clinic. Fortunately, she only had a wound on her arm, but above all she is experiencing a great emotional trauma.”

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