A long-awaited feature has finally been published

Until now, a WhatsApp account could only be linked to one phone. However, WhatsApp recently launched a feature that makes it easier to use the account on many smartphones.

WhatsApp // Source: Mourizal Zativa on Unsplash

Have you ever tried to use your WhatsApp account on multiple devices simultaneously? It was not an easy task and required some tricks. But all of that will change. Until recently, a WhatsApp account was limited to use on a single smartphone. However, on April 25, 2023, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, announced the lifting of this restriction. From now on, the WhatsApp account can be used on four different smartphones.

Deployed on all devices

This feature, which is available today, but is already in beta for several days, will be gradually rolled out to all users in the coming weeks, as determined by press release from WhatsApp. So now you can switch between multiple phones without having to log out, and pick up your conversations where you left off.

On the main phone, go to Settings“,”associated devicesยป and scan the QR code of the secondary phone. And voila. Your chat history is also synced across both devices.

WhatsApp also plans to offer an alternative, more accessible login method for paired devices. So instead of scanning a QR code, users will be able to enter their phone number on WhatsApp Web and receive a one-time code to activate the account on another device.

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