A little bit of Unigrav in Mira training

Affairs. Blind people can now orient themselves better and move around in space with Mira’s dog thanks to a new tool designed by Unigrav.

Mira contacted Drummondville, a company that specializes in cutting non-metallic materials for a useful concrete model project for the Guide Dog for Blind and Visually Impaired people. This training allows the recipient to be in perfect harmony with a guide dog which helps him in his daily life, among other things, by exercising on a controlled cycle. This is how the concrete model becomes useful. This highlights the location of the Mira utility buildings located in Sainte-Madeleine, the sidewalks, the lawn, etc. It’s like a 3D map of the outdoors.

“The process the body went through before was very primitive and less easy to handle. The tactile card is made of PVC foam, so it’s very light and can be moved in one piece,” says Carl Dupuy, founder of Unigrav.

“By different patterns and textures, people can tell that in such and such a place, for example, there is grass or pavement. During training, time is given to study and memorize the map before practicing in the course, the goal is to be able to move better, direct and be independent When a person is alone with the dog.in the city,” he explains.

Unigrav developed the project from start to finish, in collaboration with Mira.

Michaël Dupuis in front of the 3D modeling of the concrete model. (Ghislaine Bergeron photos)

“We started from the geolocation plan of their facility to create a 3D model on the computer, prior to producing the haptic map,” confirms Unigrav Technical Director, Michaël Dupuis.

User reviews so far have been positive. “What we’ve heard is that they are able to find their way around better and more quickly,” Michael Dupuy said.

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Founded in 2013, Unigrav has been “in good shape” since its summer 2019 move to the Vitrine 55 Industrial Park.

With 16 employees currently, the company wants to hire two to three additional people in the short term.

The Dupuis brothers conclude that “we still have many possibilities to advance, and there is no shortage of projects”.

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