A Hollywood star signs a new movie!

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Netflix and Will Smith, let’s go for a ride! After Bright, an action movie mixed with fantasy and sci-fi, the American actor again signed with the streaming giant to shoot a new movie, four years after David Ayer’s movie. This time, under the camera of David Leitch, the well-known director of Deadpool 2 in particular, Men In Black will be filming it. This is the American media Delivery time Which announced it, allowing fans of Will Smith to look forward to seeing him again on Netflix.

Will Smith returns to Netflix

This movie will be called fast and loose, with the following summary: A man wakes up in Tijuana, Mexico, not remembering who he is: Was he a crime lord or a secret CIA agent? Little by little, he would put the puzzle pieces together, and Will Smith would be the producer for this movie, just like David Leach. Suffice it to say that the actor will give everything for this new partnership with Netflix and that the film promises to be captivating. However, it will surely take several months to see him on the platform, given that Leitch is in the process of finishing his new film with Brad Pitt, Express train.

Will Smith returns to Netflix

For Netflix, it’s another nice move, with a new partnership between a Hollywood star and the streaming giant over a blockbuster movie. This is American actor Will Smith, who has already been seen on Netflix for the movie Bright.

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