“A historic breakthrough,” the United States said

The California National Ignition Facility has a historic breakthrough in nuclear connectivity Almost reached the ignition threshold. The latter refers to the moment when the energy produced is greater than the time at which the reaction takes place. Researchers have reached 70%, up from just a few percent previously. ” This result is a historic breakthrough in research on passive control fusion. », A Connected Kim Poodle, director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

We need to go one step further for this advance application Nuclear fusion for power generation. Its reaction is similar to that of the sun. Therefore, the term “artificial sun” is used to refer to nuclear fusion. This method is different from nuclear fission, which is currently used in power plants.

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The experiment, conducted in conjunction with the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, was conducted on August 8, 2021. Concentration of lasers is possible at one point ” It creates a hot spot with a diameter of one hair, combining 10 quadrillion watts to 100 trillion per second. », Denotes the message. The test will be repeated in the coming months.

China, Europe, Russia and Korea are working on “artificial suns”

Unlike nuclear fission, nuclear fusion does not emit radioactive waste. It is also provided that it does not emit greenhouse gases, in fact this report does not take into account the installations required for its operation, and it is based on natural, inexplicable, low risk and cheap energy. The right solution for energy production? Jeremy Sittenton, Associate Director of the Research Center at Imperial College London, on the nuances Science and the future : Converting this concept into a renewable energy source will be a lengthy process and will overcome significant technical challenges. .

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“This is the most significant improvement in the sluggish merger since its inception in 1972,” said Steven Rose, co-director of the Center for Research in the Field at Imperial College London.

In June 2021, Beijing demanded a major leap for its “artificial sun”. China said it held the temperature of 120 million degrees Celsius for 101 seconds. In 2018, it reached 100 million degrees Celsius. Nuclear fusion programs are also underway in Europe, Russia and Korea.

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