A heatwave warning has been issued for Sunday in the UK

Britain’s National Weather Service issued an orange warning on Monday ahead of an “extreme heat” wave that will cover much of England and part of Wales from Sunday, with temperatures expected to top 35C in the south-west.

Temperatures at the start of the week are already above average for the season, with highs of 33°C in the south-west on Monday and Tuesday.

“Through Sunday and into Monday, temperatures in the southwest could exceed 35C, although details remain uncertain,” Met Office deputy chief meteorologist Rebecca Sherwin said in a statement.

“Elsewhere, temperatures could exceed 32°C in England and Wales,” he added.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in the United Kingdom is 38.7 °C, which was recorded on July 25, 2019 at the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge (East of England).

Some models predict that parts of the country will breach the 40°C mark by the end of next week and beyond.

“On longer timescales, temperature forecasts are less reliable,” explained Rebecca Sherwin, “if these temperatures cannot be rejected,” their probability is “lower.”

Although the average increase in temperature per degree does not appear to be significant, the Met Office points out that regarding global warming, “an increase in the severity of extreme heat events is already evident in the readings”, “which are far-reaching and far-reaching – reaching impacts”.

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