A growing group of strikers for Canada

We won’t know until Ogbo addresses the Canadian media — and more. However, for weeks, if not months, the Nigerian press has been making much use of, with sources of varying reliability, the 23-year-old’s prospects with the Super Eagles.

Ogbo will not play for Nigeria or England, who are like them in the youth ranks. He will already be available to train John Herdman to face Costa Rica on November 12, and then Mexico on November 16 in Edmonton.

For the Canadian program, it is the result of a three-year process. According to Herdman explained Friday at a press conference, it was initially an expert at one of Ontario’s former Ogbo clubs, in Woodbridge, who told Canada Soccer that the player has the necessary potential.

Then the association contacted the Ugbo training club in England, Chelsea, where there was no cooperation at all. The striker was aspiring to obtain a position with the England national team.

Herdman admitted that our recent results are a game-changer. Some players have kept in touch with Ike. We kept encouraging him to think of this great adventure with us. The player who thinks of our country knows that he can be part of a revolutionary generation.

Herdman says he’s learned a lot from his appeal to players who are eligible for other national selections. For many players, according to the coach, the possibility of representing a more established country on the international scene is above all a way to increase their income during their short football career, a completely understandable mindset.

But for Herdman, when the player gets a little older and those possibilities collapse, the opportunity is there real conversation Introduces himself. This is what he was able to do with Ogbo.

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This is where constant communication with potential players and interest in their performance pay off.

When you dream of becoming a soccer player, you think that playing for a country is the top priority. Herdman said that representing a country like England in the professional era is also huge in business. This will one day be true for Canada, too. When you see Ayo Akinola crossing from the US to Canada, the decision came from the heart, not the head. He could have been their great striker, but he wants to be part of Jill’s team. It’s the same for Iké.

[Iké] He could have chosen Nigeria easily, but it turns out he wants to be part of this adventure, this brotherhood that we have created with this group of young people who want to lead the country to new goals.

Quote from:John Herdman, coach of the Canadian men’s soccer team

For Herdmann, the Canadian team is a logical continuation of the career of Ogbo, who wants to build one. Similar to Jonathan David. The coach cited the player’s representatives, for whom the Lille striker is an example.

After his training, David signed for Gantois, in the Belgian league, where Ogbo just finished with Genk. He’s scored 4 goals in 12 games so far, and his star player will shine more and more, says Herdmann, delighted with the wealth of his group of strikers.

“During these qualifiers, we’ve seen that the international windows of three matches are complicated for the players,” Herdmann said. We encountered some forces that took advantage of their depth in certain locations. Canada is getting stronger. Kyle Larren missed the previous window. Junior Howlett too, and he misses this one. Ike brings us real offensive power.

All that remains is to incorporate Ogbo into the group. With “only” two matches in five days and the opportunity to stage worthy training sessions, Herdmann hopes his new striker will show his skills. predatory instinct.

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