A grocery accidentally finds a million dollar winning lottery ticket and returns it to its owner

Leah Figa, winner of the million dollar scratch game. The grocery store where she bought it found the winning ticket. (Massachusetts State Lottery)

Her face is what we see everywhere, but without her gesture, the story would not be. The story is, like a scratch-game game ticket at a small grocery store in Southwick, Massachusetts, a few weeks ago, the story of Leah Figa, an American thirty something American.

The grocery store is run by two Indian immigrants and their son Abi Shah. They got used to seeing Lea Figa, but she was in a hurry that day. So she scratched and quickly looked at the slip and decided she was lost. She gave it to the cashier to throw away before going to work. One ticket ended up being the same as the lost ticket “Pile of Losing Tickets”.

Abi Shah, 30, says it all because he was the one who lined up the popular battery a few days ago to overcome boredom. He found Lea Figa’s ticket. A number is still hidden, so he scratches it and finds the word “a million dollars.”

There, I said to myself: I am a millionaire! He said AP Press Company. I was going to open a car, a house, a new business … and then I broke the message to my parents. “Parents’ first reaction: We know who bought this ticket. Apparently, Leah Figa only buys that game.

So everyone decides to reunite in the family, to be decided by video call with their relatives in India. The committee comes to the same conclusion: it is not fair to have a ticket and it must be returned.

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The next day, Abi Shah finds Lia Fiqa, he announces the news to her and sees her fall in his arms, with tears in her eyes. “Yes I cried, She says, Because honestly who does these things ? “It simply came to our notice then Washington Post Who Question: “What would you do if you found a million dollar ticket?

Something told me that I could not keep this money and that it was too honest to return it. When I saw the joy of Leah Figa, I knew I had made the right decision. Money is not everything in life

Abi Shah, grocery store in Southwick, USA

au “Washington Post”

In the end, Leah Figa thanked him for giving her a portion of the proceeds, and the state lottery bonus of $ 10,000 was paid to the Shaw family who ran the grocery store. A grocery store called Lucky Stop, “Lucky Stop”, you can not create it.

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