A Frenchman wins first prize in a British beard competition

There are even competitions for best mustache and best beard. The English Beard and Mustache Championships took place on Saturday and it was an French won in the “Natural Beard and Stylish Mustache” categoryLoic Papillon!

The bearded man is 46 years old and hails from Fixin, near Dijon. His gray beard is 30 centimeters and he wears a well-curved mustache on top. Loïc Papillon is known as the Garibaldi beard, although normally it does not exceed 20 centimeters.

During this festive gathering, the bearded and mustached men come together for a day of competition, but they are in good spirits with the whole family. Candidates register, they take an official photograph, We measure their beards To check if it matches the category.

Then, the candidates are paraded on stage in front of the jury and the audience when it’s their turn for the division. For this 2022 edition, Loic Papillon won his category And managed to wave a French flag!

For those who think this competition is too masculine or too extravagant, our champion wants to clarify something for us: “There are Categories are fun for girls, these are hairpieces. Girls come on stage with fake beards made of beads or whatever idea they have.

Before the British Championship, Loïc Papillon had already won another good title: French Champion in 2018!

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