A Florida Republican has been arrested over an election plot

Miami | His ruse seemed to work, but he bragged about it publicly: A former Florida Republican official was arrested Thursday for pushing the namesake of an incumbent candidate to run and pocket scattered voters.

For just 32 votes, unfortunate Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez gave in in November to Ileana Garcia’s “Latinas for Trump” foundation. The other Mr. Rodriguez, who did not campaign according to US media, received more than 6000 votes.

Frank Artels

Ileana Garcia, US Senate website

Behind the apparent conspiracy, according to justice Frank Artels. This former Florida Senator is charged with three counts, including violating campaign finance rules.

According to the arrest warrant issued against him, Mr. Artels was supposed to pay auto parts salesman Alex Pedro Rodriguez approximately $ 45,000 to appear in order to “kidnap the incumbent’s voices.”

The local press raised suspicions when Alex Rodriguez – who was also targeted by three counts – refused to participate in interviews to talk about his campaign, which appeared to be non-existent.

in December , Miami Herald She reported that Frank Artels publicly bragged about Ileana Garcia’s rescue. According to the newspaper, he would have said, “This is me, all that I am.”

The criminal’s home was searched on Wednesday and the man presented himself to the police the next day before he was released on bail.

The former senator and his partner face up to 5 years in prison.

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