A few days after Rebelde premiered on Netflix, what are the RBD members doing today?

When such a huge phenomenon attracts the attention of the public, do not let it die. So I think Netflix, which will launch on Wednesday a new version of the rebel, where a completely renewed generation will come to Elite Road School Fulfill his musical dreams and resume success Mexican series for young people Please attach your CV to the letter 2004 Which led to the pop group where they appeared Alfonso Herrera, Anahi Puente, Christian Chavez, Christopher Aukermann, Dulce Maria and Mate Peroni. Here we tell you what their life looks like today!

+ What are RBD members doing today?

6. Mighty Peroni

with her role in LupitaAnd Mighty Peroni She became famous thanks to Rebelde. Since then he has continued working on TV series such as Attention with the angel. In 2013, he decided to take up his own music career as a soloist and a few years ago he started his popular works in series like Heirs by chance, the main game Yes dark wish. Today he is a social media personality and has launched his own brand of wine.

5. Sweet Mary

Among the most popular actresses, she stood out Sweet Marythat gave life Roberta In Mexican fiction. From that moment on, he won the admiration of millions of followers who still support his work today, although he parted ways with the group to start his solo career. In this way, he continues to dedicate himself to music and release his singles on digital platforms.

4. Christoph Uckermann

Play Diego and bought hundreds of viewers. was passing Christoph Uckermann to the rebel, o il se démarque notamment et acquiert suffisamment d’expérience pour rester lié à la musique -avec quatre albums studio- et à l’acteur, bien que dans une moindre mesure, avec son travail dans le dans le films cin les fe that The land of the last things, will have yes exist Yes coveted bachelor.

3. Christian Chavez

In the Mexican version of the rebelAnd Christian Chavez body Giovanni. This means the direct pass to join the RBD group. Although he decided to continue working in music, television was where he found his place of affiliation, participating in series such as House of flowers, luck lolly, like, wake up with you, till money do us part, mom there are only two Yes rosario scissors, among other accounts.

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2. Anahi Puente

We remember his character by first and last name. Anahi Puente He was responsible for performing a role My ColucciBeing one of the heroes of the plot. Although she was one of the most experienced young women in acting, this role was iconic and completely defined her career. Despite her family and impressive work as a businesswoman, she continues to develop as a singer with six studio albums.

1. Alfonso Herrera

When he put himself in place Miguel In the chain of strikes, Alphonse Herrera He achieved a fame he had never seen before. The RBD member saw the opportunity to embark on prestigious programs, participating in projects such as Queen of the South, Citadus: Mexico, Exorcist, Sense8, The Murdered Woman where dead line. Likewise, Poncho – as they call it – is part of a movement that seeks to save Mexican children in vulnerable situations.

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