“A day that will be a milestone in the history of the Renaissance in Espace.”

On Tuesday, March 9th, the San Georgian Renaissance House was inaugurated (Free afternoon March 12). This philanthropy was able to exist thanks to a large chain of solidarity, united by Mayor Jean-Francois Audrine after meeting with Joel Fernández, President of Espace Renaissance, a non-profit association dedicated to the cause of the child. Thus an apartment was loaned under an agreement to accommodate the parents of the children in the hospital. Major craftsmen and brands outfitted it for free.

Apartment for parents of children residing in the hospital

This Friday, April 23rd, the office of the Renaissance Association Espace expresses its satisfaction: “It is a day that will be a milestone in the history of Renaissance Espace, embodying years of work and effort. The Renaissance House in Saint-Georges-d’Orques has opened and the agreement has been signed with CHU. Today, Friday April 23, we welcome our first family. CHU with the tragic situation of a family, who arrived in an emergency from Perpignan. Their child has serious pauses in breathing, father and mother are in good condition. The first night, Florian Nuriegat, Director of Renaissance Homes, installed the family in a wonderful room named after Bertha van Suttner, the first A woman wins the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905. Their child. They can count on the energy of the Espace Renaissance that will provide them with support and knowledge. It might be a big thank you to everyone who made it possible for the children in the hospital with their parents at their side. And for insurance, giving affection will help to better endure these painful periods. .

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