A cube-shaped “mysterious cabin” identified by the Chinese rover Yutu-2 – La Nouvelle Tribune

Nearly two years after the launch of the Chinese mission Chang’e-4, itinerant Yuto-2 I identified an unusual object on the moon. It is a cube-shaped object on the star since the end of November. In fact, Chinese scientists named the object as a “mysterious hut”.

To believe the details in this discovery, it would take a few more months for the machine to give more details about the nature of this object. According to the Chinese platform our spaceScientists are very curious to shed more light on this object. “This thing is so interesting! Let’s go see it!”According to the media that broke the news of the discovery on December 3, they will have announced.

Lunar McDonald’s?

The machine, which was on the 36th lunar day of its mission, crossed the crater Von Karmann On the far side of the moon when the cubic object was discovered. Some netizens indulged in some funny comments according to the information reported by some media outlets. For them, it might have been Starbucks or a McDonald’s lunar. But Chinese scientists care much more about the habitat that extraterrestrials (extraterrestrials, in this case) built after their shipwreck.

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