A critical step towards supportive care in the Basque Country

The Hospital de la Côte basque center in Bayonne and the Annie Enia center in Campo combine their know-how to improve cancer care in the Basque Country.

The Basque Country gets two new tools that will improve the daily lives of cancer patients: the day hospital for supportive oncology care and the path to recovery after cancer. Cancer management does not end with treating the disease alone. This disease requires a global approach, it is the role of supportive care. The patient may need to manage during remission. This is what our institutions in the Basque Country offer,” explained the directors of the Hospital de la Côte Basque Center and the Ani Enya Center in Campo.

The first opened just a year ago at the CHCB with the goal of “offering a comprehensive and personalized course along with specific treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery)”. He works with a full-time physician and two nurses who are tasked with coordinating the patient’s care pathway. Pain support, diet, psychosocial, family, occupational, addiction, beauty or physical activities are part of the hospital teams’ daily tasks. It was attended by nearly 400 patients during 2021.

three axes

This year, the offer of support has been extended to the Post-Cancer Recovery Pathway. Annie Enia de Cambo Medical Center complements CHCB’s services by caring for patients in remission. “Some physical, psychological, or other difficulties at the end of treatment, and returning to daily life is not always evident,” health professionals at the two institutions noted.

This course is directed in three directions: psychological support, nutritional assessment and monitoring and adaptive physical activity. “In agreement with the oncologist or the attending physician, the patient chooses one or the other of the institutions, a systematic evaluation is proposed, and access to this sector is fully supported,” they add.

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