A corridor of electric charging stations between Canada and the United States

Canada and the United States are teaming up to build a corridor of charging stations between Quebec and Kalamazoo, Michigan, to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles.

Canadian Transportation Minister Omar Alcabra and his U.S. counterpart, Pete Buttigieg, unveiled their “alternative fuel supply route” plan at a press conference in Detroit on Tuesday.

Charging infrastructure is already installed every 80 kilometers.

A Transport Canada spokeswoman said Wednesday that 215 charging stations are already installed and operational. “This announcement (Tuesday) aims to officially establish a cross-border corridor that will facilitate travel by electric vehicle by ensuring easy and universal access to fast charging infrastructure near a major road axis, particularly the Trans-Bin area. The Canada Highway from Windsor to Quebec City ” he said.

A cross-border electric charging network was one of the goals Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President Joe Biden agreed to when they met in Ottawa in March.

“This first cross-border corridor to provide alternative fuels will enable motorists to cross the border and transport their vehicle or refuel without worry,” Minister Alcabra said in a press release. “It helps people save on traditional fuels while bringing us closer to cleaner air.”

The federal government estimates that road traffic is responsible for 23% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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